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About It Lurks Below


It Lurks Below for PC is a role-playing game with an open world, developed by a one-man indie studio belonging to David Brevik, who used to work on two installments of the Diablo series, and who’s the founder of Blizzard North.


The main inspiration for It Lurks Below were such productions as Minecraft and Terraria. However, the creator decided to put a greater emphasis on the RPG elements. The game utilizes a side view, and your task is to traverse the world, battle enemies, and develop your character, as well as obtain better equipment.

An important aspect is gathering resources, with which you craft new pieces of equipment and build various constructions. Since the locations are procedurally generated, each playthrough features different challenges.

Technical aspects

It Lurks Below for PC features simple 2D visuals in pixel-art style.

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