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About Izle


Izle is an action-RPG in a fantasy setting, developed by the Area Effect studio; the title is the team’s first major project after several years of releasing simple mobile productions.

The action of the game takes place in a magic-filled, mystical fantasy world, the only remaining fragment of reality, suspended in the vastness of space after a huge war. We play the role of a god-like hero, who is capable of creating and shaping his own lands; the areas which came into existence due to the work of our character usually take the form of small islands, and their surface is almost entirely randomly generated. After the birth of a new isle we get to explore it, on our way we can also complete various quests, fight numerous enemies and acquire new equipment.

The main task in Izle is to gradually, island by island, rebuild the world; there are plenty of different environments in the areas you will visit, including great forests, mighty strongholds, grim dungeons and many peculiar creations made by the ever creative elements. During the campaign we receive commands directly from the gods and meeting their expectations is generously rewarded; simultaneously, we are constantly under the pressure of time, as the unstoppable invasion of the dark forces is trying to reach the world and our only hope for defeating it is finding the artifact known as the Shard of Light.

We are also given a lot of freedom when it comes to developing our character; we can choose any of the available abilities and items to create our own hero classes. The combat can prove to be extremely challenging and the outcome of each skirmish is dependent on both the statistics of the character and the individual skills of the player. Izle also features a co-op mode, allowing you to enjoy the game with other users.

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