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About Kynseed


Kynseed for PC is an action-adventure game developed by the indie studio PixelCount Studios. It is a small group of developers who work in Lionhead, a studio that created Fable game series.

The Plot

Kynseed takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the British folklore. Our hero is a farmer who tries to survive in a world that adapts to his actions. Gameplay focuses on the game’s rich plot.


Action in Kynseed for PC is presented from an isometric point of view. In some ways it brings to mind games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. As we play, we will explore the game’s world (on feet and by riding a steed), fight with more or less tough enemies, maintain our relationships with the NPCs, plant plants, gather crops, and maintain our farm’s finances. We have to remember that factors like seasons, dieases, and aging of all of the game’s creatures (including humans) influences gameplay. What makes Kynseed stand out among other similar games is the advanced A.I. that controls the game’s world.

Technical Aspects

Kynseed for PC has 2D pixelart visuals and combines them with modern graphical effects, creating an eye-pleasing result. It is worth mentioning that developers opted for a rather open development process. Early version of the game was released long time before the official launch to collect feedback from the player base, leading to creation of a much better game.

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