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About Land Of Britain


Land of Britain for PC is an MMORPG and the first game developed by Potato Killer.


Land of Britain for PC is set in a magical land inspired by the medieval Britain and legends of that period, giving the game quite a different flavor than a regular fantasy setting. The island is divided into three big kingdoms: Avalon, based on Arthurian legends, Norse-inspired Norsengard, and Talmahria, inspired by the oldest Celtic tales. Each kingdom has its own unique races and classes. All of them are at war with each other, but the incoming forces of evil will not bother themselves with such petty feuds between mortals.


Land of Britain gives players a lot of freedom in choosing their activities. The game offers your typical PvE missions with complex story lines and A.I. controlled enemies. We can also take part in PvP battles against other players or wars between kingdoms if we want to.

We begin our adventure with choosing one of the two character archetypes, adventurer or orcraftsman. This decision influences the possible ways of progressing our hero. Craftsmen, as their name suggests, focus on crafting and have their own story adventures and specializations. As you can see, fighting is not the only way to have fun here.

Game’s world is a dynamic environment where changes are constant. Some of them are caused by the game itself, some by players. It influences not only the geopolitical situation, but also adventures and the main story line.

Technical Aspects

Land of Britain for PC has high quality visuals and uses Unreal Engine 4. This technology allowed the developers to create a highly detailed environment and battles and sieges where hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of players can take part in.

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