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About LEGO The Incredibles


LEGO The Incredibles is the next entry in the series of action platform games developed by Traveller’s Tales. The title was based on The Incredibles movie series. It was published on PS4, PC and etc. by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.


The story presented in LEGO The Incredibles for PS4, PC and etc. loosely follows the events presented in the movie. During the game, the players assume the role of heroes known from the silver screen (mostly Mister Incredible and his family, although other characters are playable as well) who must face the evil Syndrome. The antagonist intends to destroy all superheroes.


The gameplay in the PS4, PC and etc. version of LEGO The Incredibles is based on ideas from previous LEGO games. During the game, the players are traveling through locations known from the movie, fighting encountered enemies (by using unique abilities of characters) and solving not very complicated riddles.

Game modes

Similarly to previous games in the LEGO series, LEGO The Incredibles can be played alone or in multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Technical aspects

The three-dimensional graphics of LEGO The Incredibles for PS4, PC and etc. are of decent quality. Their style resembles the movie the game is based on.

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