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About Limit Theory


Limit Theory for PC is a space simulator with additional role-playing and real-time strategy elements. Procedural Reality developed the game.


The action takes place in a distant future, in a world where humanity has reached an advancement level needed to engage in space travels. The player assumes control over a descendant of the first pioneers who have established the mythical Ancient Colony, the first human outpost in this part of the space. According to the legend, the first colonists lived in accordance with the titular Limit Theory, a rule saying that the only limitation present in the universe is the human mind, while a person with enough willpower can get past any obstacle. Even if the theory seems to be a bit naive and idealistic, its employment has made humanity an almighty empire spanning across countless space systems.


Limit Theory is a sandbox. We are left with a small spaceship and a free hand to do anything we set our mind to. The player can become an explorer, a mercenary enlisting in dangerous combat missions, or engage in resource mining or trade.

The galaxy is alive and is influenced by various events. The AI controls and directs the actions of small vessels, as well as huge galactic empires. The factions engage in trade, as well as resort to more drastic moves – the player will often be a witness to huge battles, travelling convoys, or blockades. As the time progresses and our fortunes prosper, we get more and more say into the affairs of the whole world.

The further parts of the game enable us to build a private fleet and lead it in combat through a system similar to real-time strategy games. We are even left with an ability to conquer parts of the galaxy and to establish our own empire. Aside from open space, the players can also land on planets and dock in space stations. These areas work as hubs, offering the ability to visit vendors and factories, as well as meet up with faction leaders, take up new tasks, or listen to gossip.

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