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About Lost Ember


Lost Ember is an action adventure game released for PC. The product was developed by German studio Mooneye, for which that was a debut project.


The game is set in the ruins of the Machu Kila metropolis, once a capital city of a fictional empire of Inrashi, which bears much resemblance to the Inca tribe. That civilization has gone extinct long ago and the monuments it had raised has become part of the wild forest. In Lost Ember, the player becomes a wolf, gifted with the power to control the bodies of other animals. Using this ability you must traverse the game’s world and gradually discover the truth behind the collapse of the city of Machu Kila.


Released for PC Lost Ember is an action adventure game, therefore, your main activity is exploration of in-game environments, which occasionally puts you against a challenge that tests your agility or dexterity. Most of the time you spend in the wolf’s skin. The protagonist is fast and strong, which makes him equally good at covering large distances as at hunting. These qualities alone, however, are not enough to complete the adventure. It is also necessary to incarnate other animals and use them to overcome obstacles and problems that the wolf would be helpless against. As you play you encounter all sorts of animals with unique features. For example, possessing a bird enables you to fly around, becoming a fish – to swim underwater, and a mole allows to dig underground tunnels.

On his adventures the wolf is accompanied by a magical entity, which resembles a red ball of light. It helps him find the way to his goal. Its power also lets you see the memories from the times before the collapse of the Inrashi civilization.

Technical aspects

Lost Ember for PC offers attractive 3D graphics. Instead of realism, it goes toward slightly cartoonish art style, full of vivid colors. It is also noteworthy that the game’s audio was designed by two veterans from Rockstar North: Craig Conner (responsible for the soundtracks in the entire Grand Theft Auto series) and Will Morton (designer of sound effects and dialogues in several installments in that series).

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