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About Lost Region


Lost Region is a survival-oriented MMO released in 2017 on a number of platforms, including PC, XONE and PS4. The game introduces us to a desolate world that has survived a mysterious catastrophe which has affected the human population of the planet. The unbridled nature begins to take over large swaths of land, changing the human world into an overgrown coniferous forest.


The action of Lost Region is seen from a third person perspective. We are taken to an extensive landmass inspired by mountainous regions of North America, consisting of 64 square kilometers of varied landscapes, including overgrown plains, picturesque river valleys, or derelict cities. We begin the adventure by creating a hero and choosing a profession from a number of available trades that offer unique skills. For example, a chemist can create various medkits and remedies, while an architect can construct a number of useful buildings.

Regardless of the chosen profession, we are left with a number of duties, including exploration, resource gathering, completing randomly-generated tasks or fighting against encountered opponents. Depending on the chosen mode, we can engage in player versus player combat, or focus on AI opponents only. The players can also join one of the available factions or create their own. Establishing factions is just an introduction to a second phase of the game, as larger groups have the ability to amass resources and use them to build outposts which are the objective of clan vs. clan warfare. Moreover, the world is filled with additional buildings held by neutral factions that enable us to replenish supplies and recuperate, as well as recruit AI-controlled companions. It should be mentioned that non-player characters are influenced by our actions, and can react differently to our presence, either greeting us by friendly chatter or various insults, or even attacking us on sight.

The game puts emphasis on crafting. Aside from weapons and other useful equipment, the players can construct buildings and other utility objects. Furthermore, we are left with a complex experience system that allows us to improve our skill with the chosen weapon and unlock additional abilities. For example, if the player had focused on melee weaponry, continuous progress will result in access to worthwhile perks, including useful skills and bonuses. Combat, on the other hand, is rather difficult, and requires cooperation between the team members, as well as a stealth-based approach that sees us sneak behind the opponents’ backs and eliminate them through ambushes.

Game Modes

Lost Region for PC, XONE and PS4 offers a number of gameplay modes. We are free to enjoy the singleplayer, but the game is definitely much more appealing during multiplayer sessions – public servers can sustain up to a hundred players.

Technical Aspects

Lost Region was based on Unreal Engine 4. As a result, the game offers high-quality three-dimensional visuals, including lush vegetation and post-processing effects. Moreover, the game has received an atmospheric soundtrack.

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