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About Lumines Remastered


PC, PS4 and etc.’s version of Lumines Remastered is a two-dimensional puzzle game and a relative to Tetris that twists the idea of the original. As the title suggests, it is the remastered version of PlayStation Portable’s Lumines, which was released in 2005. Both versions were developed by Japanese studio Resonair and Enhance Games company.

Game mechanics

The rules of Lumines Remastered for PC, PS4 and etc. are extremely simple. Players must form one-colored blocks from bricks that appear from the left side of the screen. Connecting two bricks of the same color, both disappear and that moves other bricks, which can lead to a chain reaction. Each destroyed generates points. Unlike in the original Tetris, Resonair’s game places emphasis on a music, with its rhythm dictates the tempo in which new elements appear. A quick-paced song can force quick reactions, while slower tracks allow more strategic approach – slowly building a structure only to remove it in one go the moment a correct figure comes. The game features tens of various tracks and online ranking with an option of unlocking avatars and skins as we progress through the game.

Game modes

Lumines Remastered offers modes for one or two players, the latter in the form of split-screen.

Technical aspects

Lumines Remastered for PC, PS4 and etc. uses very simple two-dimensional visuals. Console version also support vibrations, which can signal falling bricks or just emphasize a music.

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