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About Magic: The Gathering Arena


Magic: The Gathering Arena is a virtual adaptation of popular collectible card game (CCG) Magic: The Gathering. It has been developed by Digital Games studio, an internal studio of Wizards of the Coast which created the original card game.

Game mechanics

As far as gameplay goes, Magic: The Gathering Arena for PC isn’t any different from previous adaptations of Wizards of the Coast’s card game. Players create their decks with cards representing spell, creatures, artifacts etc., each belonging to one of five colors. Then they face each other in duels and play cards by spending mana points (represented by the so-called lands) to reduce opponent’s energy to zero. The game features all rules and cards from the original Magic: The Gathering.

Technical aspects

Creators of Magic: The Gathering Arena wanted to connect the video game with its tabletop version, e.g. by releasing new card sets at the same time for both titles. New GRU technology (Games Rules Engine) makes it easier to implement various effects and develop rules of the game.

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