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About Megaquarium


Megaquarium is an economic strategy game released on PC. The title was developed by Twice Circled, the creators of the well-received game Big Pharma.


The game focuses on managing an aquarium. As in many other economic strategy games, the beginnings are humble – the player starts with a small room and enough money to create a small exposition. The money earned from the visitors is invested into new aquariums and more exotic fish. This increases popularity of the business and the income. Megaquarium for PC features a large variety of fish types, each with unique needs that must be satisfied for its statistics to grow. The player must consider the behavior of each fish – otherwise some fish might eat other ones. It is also possible to breed the fish. Available rooms are always small and the player will spend much time on planning the placement of aquariums in order to maximize available space while providing good conditions for the employees and clients. Each water tank can be manually decorated.

The player must also hire employees and secure their happiness and development of skills. Unhappy employee will leave the company and the player will lose funds invested in his training. Employees, visitors and fish are partially unpredictable, frequently forcing the player to look for a solution to a situation he cannot fully control.

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