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About Megaton Rainfall


Megaton Rainfall is a peculiar superhero simulator and a first-person action game developed by the independent Spanish Pentadimensional Games. Among other platforms, the game is available on PC and PS4.


The action of the game is set more or less in the modern times when Earth falls victim to an invasion of aliens who want to exterminate all humans and destroy their civilization. A player assumes the role of an immortal and trans-dimensional superhero exhibiting supernatural abilities, who is tasked with facing the alien aggressors.


In Megaton Rainfall for PC and PS4, players observe the action from the eyes of the main protagonist (FPP). The gameplay revolves around the exploration of the open world, completing various missions, and fighting hordes of enemies. On his way, the player is bound to encounter armed spaceships, as well as more powerful gigantic mechanical walkers with clearly visible weak spots. The main protagonist is not unarmed – he can demolish the city infrastructure (this also regards the skyscrapers), hover in mid-air, and fly faster than the speed of light – not only within the Earth’s atmosphere but also in space.

Technical aspects

The developers were very ambitious when working on Megaton Rainfall for PC and PS4 – even though the 3D visuals are mediocre, a player is bound to appreciate the special effects (like collapsing buildings and civilians running for their lives), spectacular combat mechanics, and algorithms responsible for the procedurally generated environment – this way both the Earthly territories and the celestial bodies are created. Moreover, the game is compatible with the Virtual Reality headgear; however, it is not necessary in order to play Megaton Rainfall.

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