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About No Trace


No Trace for PC is a stealth action game taking place in a science-fiction universe. This is a debut production of Square Mountain, a Portsmouth based UK studio.


The game takes place in the near future, while the players assume the role of a man known only as Agent Sonders. We lead him through a number of jobs, while the script focuses on showing the influence that regular murder assignments have on the mind of a killer.


No Trace for PC mixes stealth elements characteristic of Hitman series with a crazy pace of action similar to the one seen in Hotline Miami. The action is seen from a top-down camera, high above the killer’s head. Every mission is preceded by a briefing, which gives us an opportunity to plan the hit through available location details. Additional tips that facilitate completing the mission are received on the site, by eavesdropping on conversations, and investigating retrieved documents.

The player receives a free hand when deciding on how to handle the task. For example, we can wear clothes of enemies, lay traps built from everyday items, cause accidents, sneak behind the enemies’ backs, or go in gun blazing. A wide range of distraction methods has been introduced, including leaving blood trails from our victims.

The so called “inspection mode” is available at any given moment. It stops the action, allowing a closer look around the area, and a safe assessment of the situation.

Technical Aspects

No Trace offers minimalistic, 3D visuals, full of angular blocks and monochromatic surfaces, which – mixed with dynamic lightning – creates a retro-futuristic feel.

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