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About On the Road


On The Road for PC is a truck driving simulator developed by the German studio Toxtronyx. It was published by Aerosoft on personal computers.


On The Road for PC takes us to the modern roads of Germany. There are over 1400 kilometers of highways and around 300 kilometers of trunk roads for us to drive on. We will also visit a dozen or so cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund, or Munich. The shape of the game world was based on the actual satellite data. The Day/Night cycle and variable weather conditions make the game more diverse.

Developers of On The Road formed a kind of a partnership with MAN. Thanks to that, all of the vehicles we drive in the game are designed with the highest attention to detail. It can also be said about the interior of our truck, all kinds of semitrailers we will use, or even the used technology, like the TipMatic gearbox.

Gameplay focuses on doing the most profitable delivery jobs. We have to take the assigned cargo to its destination as fast as possible. Mastering the game’s hard, simulative driving model is the key to success. As we progress, we start to work with bigger companies and sign more profitable contracts. Some of them will require us to make a new licesne or even hire some employees. Reputation of our virtual truck driver is also important. The looks of our truck have some influence on it.

Technical Aspects

Though the attention to detail and realism is impressive (dynamic lighting should also be mentioned here), visuals in On The Road for PC are not. Excluding the truck models, visuals are mediocre at best.

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