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About Oxygen Not Included


Oxygen Not Included for PC is a 2d science-fiction simulation game, in which your task is developing a space colony. The game was created by an indie Canadian studio Klei Entertainment, known for such games as Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja or the Shank series.


In Oxygen Not Included you manage a space colony located on an unspecified planet. You are responsible for every way in which the base functions, from expanding room by room to managing every individual colonist and assigning their duties. The colonist can mine for resources, conduct research, manage transport, and even cook; every action can be prioritized, so that you base can function with maximum efficiency. Moreover, you also have to care for the colonist’s basic needs and ensure they have access to water, food, heating and the eponymous oxygen, distributed across the base by a complex network of pipes. The game bears resemblance to the mobile production Fallout Shelter, but at the same time it features fresh ideas and a unique character.

Technical aspects

Oxygen Not Included for PC features 2D visuals and utilizes a side view, similar to already-mentioned Fallout Shelter. However, the game features a completely different, although still cartoonish visual style, similar to a previous game by Klei Entertainment, Don’t Starve. The game is also full of the studio’s distinct dose of humor.

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