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About Pamela


Pamela is a survival horror action adventure game for PC and a debut production of NVYVE, a Canadian development studio.


The action takes place in the near future on an island that is almost completely occupied by a modern shopping and entertainment center called the Eden. In this place, we will find grand supermarkets and nightclubs, but there are no sane people left. It turns out that we are a sole survivor among all of the island’s inhabitants who were infected with a mysterious disease. The virus made them loose their humanity and deformed their bodies into monstrous shapes. Our only ally is the title Pamela, an artificial intelligence that governs the Eden’s infrastructure.


In Pamela for PC, the survival is priority and this is why the player has to carefully explore the island in search of food, water, and other useful items. It is also necessary to ensure an adequate amount of sleep, which can be problematic if we don’t’ find a safe shelter. The developers’ vision of the future is devoid of war and brutal crimes so we will not find classical armaments in it. Instead, we use pacifying devices that are property of the security forces, as well as invent new applications for various seemingly safe tools of the Eden’s employees.

The interface is rather interesting since it’s provided in-game, not as hud; the player’s character has useful devices in form of armbands that display holograms with the equipment screen, crafting system, and other features. Moreover, all tools which we use integrate with this hardware.

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