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About Parkitect


Parkitect for PC is an economic strategy that allows us to assume control over an amusement park. The game was developed by Texel Raptor as a somewhat of a spiritual successor to classics such as Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon.


We play the role of an newly-minted manager of an small amusement park, with an objective to develop it into a huge complex that sees thousands of people daily and generates enormous income.

The game follows a scheme known from other economic strategy games. We begin by building various attractions and designing the roller coaster rides, then create a system of paths for both pedestrians and vehicles which is then used by the guests to get around the installation. Moreover, we are left with taking care of the visual aspects of the park, such as decorations or using visually pleasing objects to hide the park’s infrastructure.

Our business needs employees – we spend a lot of our time on recruiting promising candidates and increasing their skills to employ them on various posts, such as attendance, helping guests, or cleaning the area. All of these actions have to be balanced financially to maintain the balance between the income and ensuing expenses.

Technical Aspects

Parkitect uses fully three-dimensional visuals with an aesthetic feel to them, introducing bright colors and seamless vector surfaces. The game’s isometric view is clearly inspired by first two installments of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

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