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About PayDay: Crime War


PayDay: Crime War is an online first-person shooter developed for AND and iOS. It is the first mobile installment of the series that started on personal computers and consoles. The game was developed by studio Cmune and supervised by the fathers of the series – studio Overkill.


PayDay: Crime War released on AND and iOS doesn’t offer any story campaign. The game is focused entirely on online PvP matches between two teams of players. One of the teams assumes the role of a criminal gang that specializes in bank robberies. The other team plays the role of policemen among which there are regular law enforcers and elite SWAT units. Up to eight players can participate in a match – four per each side of the conflict.

The gameplay isn’t limited only to fights between the players. The objective of the criminals is to perform a robbery. They must do it while surviving the attacks of the law enforcers. There are a few maps with different objectives available. For example, in the bank the gang must reach the vault and hold the position until they drill through the lock.

The game is more interesting thanks to the development system that allows the player to upgrade character abilities and unlock new weapons and armor. The player can develop a regular policeman into a SWAT officer by doing so.

Technical aspects

PayDay: Crime War offers attractive three-dimensional graphics with large maps, sharp textures and fluent character animations. The controls are based on the touch interface.

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