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About Power Drive 2000


Power Drive 2000 is a vintage futuristic racing game for PS4 and PC. It was developed by Megacom Games.


The action takes place in the eponymous year of 2000 but not the historical one, though—we are taken into a reality based on the aforementioned year’s imagination straight from the science-fiction movies of the 80s. Therefore, the game’s atmosphere is vintage, its world lit with neon lights, and the futuristic car called The Avenger 2000 is equipped with a talkative artificial intelligence known as C.A.T.


The driving model is entirely arcade. The key to achieve good results is drifting and a proper use of the afterburner.

Game modes

The title offers six game modes, both available in a single player and multiplayer variant. Race Mode is a standard race in which we try to score the best time or win against a “ghost” that is a record of our previous or somebody else’s run. In Collector Mode, the end result depends on the amount of diamonds collected on the speedway. Outrun Mode involves escaping a police chase on the crowded streets of a cyberpunk city. In Vaporizer Mode, a laser fence is set on the banks of the road; any contact with it results in the disintegration of our car. Gauntlet Mode requires us to avoid collisions with obstacles, while the track is infinite and procedurally generated. The last one is Turbo Mode which basically is an ordinary race with unlimited afterburner supplies.

It is worth mentioning that the developers remained true to the traditions of vintage racing games, therefore the multiplayer mode is playable not only over the Internet but also on a split-screen.

Technical aspects

Power Drive 2000 for PS4 and PC offers attractive graphics inspired by the 80s but created with the use of modern visual effects.

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