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About Pro Evolution Soccer 2018


For years, the versions of Pro Evolution Soccer for PC Windows and the consoles were virtually different games. While the mechanics featured on the consoles were mostly implemented into the PC version, it was noticeably inferior in terms of the graphics. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 stopped this trend and now the PC Windows version offers the same experience as the current-gen consoles. In addition to that only those players that own a PC Windows, PS4 or Xone received the FC Barcelona edition of the game that contains agents (that can be used in, for example, myClub) and the virtual currency.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, released on PC, PS4 and etc., improves the ideas from the previous game. Konami’s developers introduced Real Touch +, a new system that is responsible for how players handle a ball. Although the system was already available in the series, now, it takes more body parts into account. Thanks to that we can see animations that are much more different from each other when players receive a ball, hit it with their heads, dribble etc. Another important change is that matches are now slower which makes the game a little bit more realistic. In addition to that there is also a strategic dribbling which gives more control over a ball and improved set pieces (penalties and free kicks).

Game modes

Besides classic game modes, such as leading your team throughout an entire season, the game also has a few new ones. We finally can play an online co-op mode for two or three people. Also, Random Selection Match mode is back and has more options. In this mode we select a few teams and then the game selects random players and mixes them into one team.

Technical aspects

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 offers better graphics when compared with the previous games. Thanks to the Real Capture technology the animations of players are much more realistic. Also, the models of players were changed – they are now more polished, soccer kits fit players better and when it comes to teams that cooperate with the developer (e.g. FC Barcelona) we can even see the players’ tattoos. Besides that the game offers better-looking stadiums, fields are recreated more faithfully and have better lightning for matches played in the middle of a daytime and in an evening.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 also offers integration of PES League with myClub modes, online co-op and Random Selection Match. The user interface and menus are also changed.

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