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About Production Line


Production Line is an economic strategy game for PC. The title was developed by Positech Games, creators of Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles series.


Production Line is an unusual economic game. In classic games of this genre the player focuses on expanding his financial empire by creating more factories. In Production Line for PC the player is tasked with managing only a single factory. The success is achieved by better optimizing the production lines.

A factory is a complicated system that consists of many machines. They must be placed in such position that the production takes as little time as possible. This requires the player to synchronize various devices so that there are no slowdowns. The time is the main currency in the game – the better the optimization, the lower the cost. And the lower the cost, the more funds for further upgrades.

Achieving victory isn’t easy. Planning the production line is very challenging, and there are other aspects that make the task even more difficult. Among them there are accidents, technical difficulties and random events. In addition to that, the player must compete with powerful rivals who have much greater investment resources.

The gameplay mechanics were inspired by the work of Henry Ford, a man who created production systems today considered as the foundation of mass production of vehicles. His basic achievement was determining that, in order to increase production speed and lower the costs, the construction process should be divided into the smallest and simplest parts. This approach is also the key to victory in Production Line for PC. The player must take full advantage of each square meter of the factory and he must constantly look for ways of improving the efficiency of his business while also solving various problems.

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