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About Race to Mars


Race to Mars for PC is an ambitious project of an independent Polish studio Intermarum. The game was developed in cooperation with website Kosmonauta.net, members of which served as technical consultants.


The player assumes the role of a boss of a newly funded space industry company. His main task is to create the first colony on Mars before the competition does. However, before access to Mars becomes possible, first there are many problems to solve on Earth, including researching proper technologies and obtaining enough financial support.


The gameplay in Race to Mars for PC is turn-based. The player must develop technologies, hire engineers to work on projects, complete tasks as part of commercial, military and government contracts and maintain positive public relations.

The developers focused on recreating the conditions in which actual space industries work in possibly realistic way. This can be seen for example in the financial aspect of the game – in order to gain resources for research and expansion, the player must frequently complete commercial tasks. It is also possible to buy solutions available on the market, which can shorten the time needed for completing specific projects. An advanced technology tree (it consists of more than 200 pieces) forces the player to make many hard decisions – even seemingly bad decisions can prove to be profitable in the long run.

Technical aspects

The game is based on the popular, multi-platform Unity 3D engine. The quality of the three-dimensional graphics is similar to the quality of graphics in other independent games.

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