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About RimWorld


RimWorld for PC is a strategy game about managing an extraterrestrial colony, the debut production of the independent studio Luedon. Its lead designer is Tynan Sylvester, who worked at Irrational Games studio on games such as Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite.


The story of RimWorld takes place in the distant future, in which humanity colonized countless alien systems. Unfortunately, this did not go together with the invention of a faster-than-light travel system, meaning that every colony is practically isolated and left to their own fate. Players take command over a small group of survivors of a colony space ship that crashed on an uncharted planet. This means we get random passengers, and not trained specialists.


Each character has its own background, which determines how he functions in game. A nobleman, for example, will work like a charm in situations that require negotiation skills, like setting prices for trade, while a scientist will do well in laboratory, but will fail miserably at social interactions. Our ranks are bolstered with personnel we capture in battles, buy from slave traders, or accept as refugees.

During a game we build structures, produce food, gather resources, trade, and develop our colony. Unlike other similar games, RimWorld offers a complex tactical combat system. Characters can, for example, use cover and peek around the corner, and getting then in proper positions on the battlefield is crucial for winning.

One of the most interesting features of the game is a dynamic artificial intelligence system responsible for storytelling. It can analyze the current state of the map and use this information to generate new story arcs, adjusting the drama of the story as needed. It is quite praiseworthy that RimWorld for PC has not one, but three different personalities of AI to choose from. Cassandra Classic will slowly increase tension, progressively throwing more and more drastic difficulties. Phoebe Friendly will try to deliver more relaxing and optimistic game. The last one is called Randy Random, which is an incarnation of chaos and offers the most unpredictable gameplay.

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