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About Rust


Rust is a first person, sandbox, survival game inspired by such titles as Minecraft, DayZ or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The production was created by Facepunch studio, which was founded by Garry Newman, who is well-known throughout the gaming industry as the developer of Garry’s Mod – one of the most popular and profitable modifications of the Source engine.


The game is distinguished by its vast, open world. The player has to fight for survival, although his primary enemy is not hunger or low temperature, but other players and characters who roam the world, and whose main ambition is to send our hero into the grave prematurely. Upon starting the game, you spawn in a random location in the world, equipped with only a rock and a few bandages. Your first goal should be to find shelter, gather wood to build your cabin and light a fire, granting you the much needed light and heat.

When the player starts to experience hunger, he will have to hunt for animals which inhabit the world; he will have to acquire proper clothing, or start a fire when the temperature gets low, and use bandages to stop any bleeding resulting from a fight against an enemy. You can play Rust in single player mode and focus on the sandbox aspect of the production; however, the game starts to shine when you enter the multiplayer and face dozens of other players, every one of them with their own goals, motives and playstyles.

It was Garry Newman’s ambition to grant the players complete freedom of choice, regardless of their attitude towards others. The choice between cooperation and aggression is yours to make. Upon killing another player, you will be able to collect their equipment; however, should you opt for a more peaceful approach, you can join forces and create a settlement together. You will be able to create outfits, which will make your friends stand out from other players you might encounter during your journeys. It is also possible to create traps, alarms and warning signs on the borders of your town, to take care of any uninvited quests.


The game was created on the Unity engine, making the graphical design similar to that of DayZ’s or S.T.A.L.K.E.R’s. The developers have also admitted to drawing inspiration from these titles. When it comes to the mechanics, the crafting system and the open world the game presents a striking resemblance to Minecraft.

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