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About Savage Lands


Savage Lands is a first-person MMO game, which belongs to the popular genre of sandbox survival simulators. It was a joint effort of Digital DNA Games (CastleMiner Z) and Signal Studios (Toy Soldiers, Ascend: Hand of Kul). The element that makes the game stand out among the competition is its fantasy setting.


The story takes us to an open world full of dangers, where our only goal is to stay alive. In order to achieve it, we have to freely explore the game world and make use of the materials and objects found there. These in turn – thanks to the extensive crafting systems – will enable us to cook a meal, create armor, weapons, and a number of necessary tools. We’ll be able to build shelter, which will provide protection against the monsters populating the land as well as hostile players. Often, however, we will have to face bizarre, fantastical creatures, which are much more than the classic “villains” of the fantasy genre. The fight against them is brutal and, depending on the strength and size of the opponent, requires a slightly different approach. Death in Savage Lands is permanent and means that we have to start all over again.


When starting the game, we create a character using the rather vast options of personalization, which allow us to create a unique, one-of-a-kind character. As in most similar productions, we can play alone or join forces with any number of allies. Surviving in a group is certainly easier, and the possibility of exchanging raw materials and building fortifications together proves to be invaluable in crisis situations. We need to keep In mind that the items we collect can by stolen by lurking group of hostile players who won’t hesitate to use every opportunity to eliminate our team and take our equipment.


Savage Lands features high-level visuals and bears resemblance to contemporary, first-person action RPGs like Skyrim. The authors also took care of details such as advanced AI of computer opponents, day and night cycle and related consequences. Certain types of monsters can only be encountered during daytime, which makes us safer after dark. On the other hand, at night the temperature drops dramatically, so if we fail to build a shelter, we won’t last too long.

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