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About Slay the Spire


Slay the Spire for PC is a blend of a cad game with a roguelike production by indie American studio Mega Crit.


In Slay the Spire the plot play a minor role. You play as an adventurer, who tries to reach the top of the eponymous spire, facing numerous dangers on their way up.


The gameplay of Slay the Spire consists of fighting turn-based battles against your foes. You defeat them by using the protagonist’s combat abilities and doing spectacular combo moves. The attacks have been assigned to over two hundred cards, and although you begin with only a handful of them, as the game progresses you gather new, more powerful ones. You can also give extra effects to your cards by using the so-called relics, which are over a hundred special items that increase attack strength.

Your task, however, is made more difficult by the permadeath system, which means that after the protagonist dies you have to start all over. On top of that, the spire’s layout changes with every new playthrough, so you have to face new challenges each time. Nevertheless, at the beginning you can choose a starting point, and the clear map allows you to plan your way (although you are bound to encounter several surprises) to the boss waiting for you at the top.

Technical aspects

The 2D visuals of Slay the Spire feature a cartoonish style and are pleasing to the eye, thanks to the interesting character and enemy design.

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