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About Solar Warden


Project Automata is an economic strategy game released on PC. The title is strongly inspired by series like Transport Tycoon and Industry Giant. It was developed by Dapper Penguin.


The action of the game starts during the beginning of 20th century. The player is tasked with creating a financial empire. In order to achieve that objective, he must mine resources, build factories, produce valuables, construct transportation means and start trade relations with cities all over the world.

Each city is managed by a separate artificial intelligence model. Thanks to that the mayors have different personalities and motivations. A random event and side quests generator makes the game more interesting as well. The world itself is also procedurally generated and thanks to that the game is more varied.

Project Automata for PC offers great freedom. The player can concentrate on trading, production, resource gathering, politics or combine several of the mentioned activities. No matter the chosen business strategy, he will always has to deal with various hardships and negative effects of his activity like pollution, garbage or illnesses of the employees.

Game modes

Project Automata for PC offers story campaign with carefully designed missions, single scenarios and a sandbox mode that enables the player to freely develop his virtual business. The title also offers multiplayer modes focused on cooperation and on competitive play.

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