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About Stable Orbit


Stable Orbit is a simulation game released for PC in which player is tasked with building and managing a space station. The title is a debut project of a one-man studio, Codalyn, founded by Jim Offerman. He previously worked as the main designer of PC ports of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The title was published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, a division of British company that manages the popular digital distribution platform.


Stable Orbit for PC takes place in space, where, five years after de-orbiting the International Space Station, the player is tasked with creating a completely new base from scratch and then managing all aspects of its daily functionality. The game was designed thanks to the private passion of its creator who spent much time on studying how actual space stations work. Thanks to that, the game is very realistic. It offers unique challenges which astronauts in space must face.

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