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About Star Traders: Frontiers


Star Traders 2 RPG for PC is a hybrid of RPG and space strategy. The game was developed by Trese Brothers Games, the same team which created the first installment in the series and the turn-based game Star Traders 4X Empires which takes place in the same universe.


The game allows the player to assume the role of a captain of a space ship. He uses various ways to earn money for himself and his crew. The game offers complete freedom and player can decide whether he will become a pirate, a merchant, a bounty hunter, a mercenary, a soldier or a spy. One can also combine different career paths. The game takes place in distant future, the vision of which is very detailed. The developers have been expanding their universe for many years, so that the universe has a great complexity and history that spans across millennia.


Each crew member and the encountered characters are individuals with unique ambitions, weaknesses and strong points. Relations with them are determined by player’s decisions. The galaxy, its economy and balance of power change dynamically, depending on actions of player and characters controlled by artificial intelligence.

As the captain, the player must recruit and train his crew. One must decide who to promote and who to leave at the same position – this will of course impact their relations towards the player. The battles are played by using turn-based system and they aren’t limited to airship fights in space – they can also take place in planets’ atmosphere and on their surface. Modifying and upgrading the ship is very important in the game as well.

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