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About Star Trek: Alien Domain


Star Trek: Alien Domain is the next attempt at transferring the popular Star Trek universe into the window of an internet browser, after the unfinished Infinite Space. This time we are dealing with a strategical MMO production from the NGames studio, which specializes in small mobile, social and browser titles, such as Pockie Ninja II Social.

Alien Domain has been developed based on the newest canon of the Star Trek universe and creates a brand new story around it. The action of the title takes place in the mysterious region of the universe known as Fluidic Space. This remote location is the main theater of operations for representatives from the human United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, who constantly battle for influence.

The players, representing both factions, have to establish colonies, expand their fleets, research new technologies and gather resources. There are also plenty of skirmishes between users, ranging from small duels, through epic raids on the bridgeheads established by our rivals, to grand battles waged by guilds of opposing factions. The developers have prepared a wide range of ships, including the most popular vessels, featured in the movies and TV cycles; we also have the possibility of single-handedly creating our own spaceship.

Similarly to other browser productions, Alien Domain features a 2D graphic style; we experience the action and gameplay of the title from an isometric perspective.

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