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About State of Decay 2


State of Decay 2 for XONE and PC is an official sequel to the successful zombie-apocalypse game by Undead Labs. Similarly, to its predecessor, the title is a survival production with RPG elements, set in an open world. The players’ main task is to survive, which requires them to gather resources, enlarge their group, build a shelter and defend it from undead attacks. State of Decay 2 introduces a multiplayer mode in which survival depends on cooperation with other participants.


State of Decay 2 takes us to a world after a zombie apocalypse. On the remains of the destroyed civilization, few survivors struggle for survival every day, while desperately looking for a safe shelter to protect them from hordes of the undead. The action is set in the United States—towns that used to teem with life are no full of the forever hungry living dead.


State of Decay 2 for XONE and PC is a third-person action game in which we get a chance to lead a group of survivors. Instead of one main protagonist, the production offers over a dozen of characters with their own biographies, skills and traits, between whom we can freely switch. Together, they build and develop their own hideout and gather resources necessary for survival. State of Decay 2 features a character development system similar to that from The Elder Scrolls series — skills are mastered by performing adequate actions. With time, various relations are formed within the group —friendly or hostile — and the most influential individuals can become leaders of the society. In case of a character’s death, they are gone forever.

The most basic activity in State of Decay 2 is searching nearby buildings for resources. It usually requires us to sneak inside and silently eliminate the undead roaming inside. Fighting them, we can use various kinds of melee weapons (improvised, most of the time) and firearms, although open combat is the last resort since it draws attention of zombies. The fun is enriched by story missions and additional quests as well as varied random events.

Game modes

The primary gameplay variants in State of Decay 2 for XONE and PC are story campaigns and the infinite survival mode. Apart from solo play, the title allows us to cooperate with four people, each of whom manages their own group of survivors.

Technical aspect

State of Decay 2 for XONE and PC offers clearly prettier graphics than its predecessor, although the visual style is similar. In the game, we see typical American landscapes, full of vast fields and remote towns.

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