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About Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is an expanded version of the fifth entry in the cult series of fighting games developed by Capcom. Similarly to the core version of the game, the title debuted on, among other platforms, PS4 and PC.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition doesn’t introduce any major changes to the mechanics from the original Street Fighter V. Instead, the developers focused on creating a complete edition of the game that includes both sixteen characters from the core game and twelve warriors that were added during the first and second season of the battles. In total the game features twenty-eight characters with unique combat skills – taking advantage of these skills is the key to winning the fights.

In addition to that, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PS4 and PC features new V-Triggers (they provide various bonuses in exchange for V-Gauge, an energy received when the player’s character is attacked) and two new gameplay modes. Arcade Mode is inspired by classic Street Fighter games while Extra Battle enables the player to fight for exclusive costumes during special challenges. The list of novelties ends with a remodeled interface with new colors and changed menu.

Technical aspects

Although the graphics of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition hasn’t changed too much when compared to the original version, the developers introduced some new visual effects that can be observed during the fights. The game supports a cross-platform gameplay between the console and PC players.

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