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About Tavern Keeper


Tavern Keeper for PC in an economy strategy developed by Greenheart Games known for working on Game Dev Tycoon.


The game is set in a classic fantasy realm that is filled with magic and monsters. Players assume the role of a Tavern Keeper – we have visited inns like that thousands of times in different RPGs. As befits an economy strategy game, Tavern Keeper for PC does not deliver an elaborate story campaign, thus players can focus solely on managing their enterprise.


The PC release of Tavern Keeper is a classic real-time economy strategy. One begins the game from owning a small inn in the poor region of the realm. Players are tasked with expanding their business by building new rooms, acquiring new suppliers, keeping the tavern clean, and making the customers happy by serving them meals and drinks. Another aspect of the gameplay revolves around the finance management that requires players to properly balance their costs and income.

Characters are very important in the game. On the one hand, players have to hire competent employees and organize their work in the most effective way. On the other hand, one has to tend to employees’ happiness, since sad waitresses discourage the customers from tipping them, and depressed cooks are unable to prepare tasty meals. The customers are even more diversified, as each one features unique traits, preferences, and personality.

Upon developing a tavern to a certain level, players are taken to another inn that offers better earning opportunities, but, for different customers who usually have greater expectations. One continuously has to acquire new recipes in order to improve the menu. The gameplay is enriched with random events that usually cause a lot of trouble.

Technical aspects

Tavern Keeper offers full 3D visuals featuring cartoon style, rich and bright colors, simple shapes, and cartoonish characters.

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