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About Team Sonic Racing


Team Sonic Racing is another arcade racing game from Sonic series. The previous Sonic racing game was Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed released in 2012. The game is published by Sega, the owner of the whole franchise.


Like its predecessors, Team Sonic Racing features gameplay similar to the Mario Kart series. Instead of focusing on realism, the game features an arcade driving model and colorful tracks filled with power-ups (Wisps) that can be used to make the life of other participants harder. The game features 15 characters known from the Sonic universe. They are assigned to three driving styles: Power, Speed, or Technique. If this isn’t enough, the game features an option to customize the look and traits of the vehicle. This enables the players to adapt the vehicle to their need.

As the title suggests, a focus on cooperation between players is an important novelty. While in a single team, players can switch power-ups and speed boost between them. Additionally, teams can perform special maneuvers, including the powerful Team Ultimate that can determine the outcome of the race.

Game modes

The focus on cooperation is reflected in the available game modes. Among them, there is Team Adventure – a team version of a singleplayer story campaign. Team Sonic Racing can be played by four players in the split screen mode and by up to twelve players through online mode. The game also features classic modes like Exhibition (a single race), Grand Prix fought on four levels and the Time Trial mode.

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