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About TerraTech


TerraTech for PC is a game by indie team Payload Studio. The game is set in the far future, when Earth’s natural resources have been completely depleted. You play as a space adventurer, whose task is to find resources on an alien planet.


There are three main aspects of the gameplay in TerraTech. The first one focuses on exploring varied environments and searching for minerals, which can be transported to Earth or processed. Another aspect is building vehicles, which become parts of your fleet. The resources required to build them can be extracted from other machines or just collected.

The controllable vehicles consist of several modules. Depending on the elements available at a given time, you can modify them as you see fit. You can create very sophisticated vehicles, from ground transport units, through battle tanks, to light planes. War machines turn out to be necessary, as the third aspect of TerraTech is fighting enemies and capturing their bases.

Technical aspects

TerraTech for PC features colorful 3D visuals; although due to the relatively low-resolution textures the game looks rather decent.

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