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About The Colonists


The Colonists for PC is a strategy game, in which players are tasked with colonizing an alien planet. The game has been developed by Codebyfire and published by Mode 7 Games also known for creating such games as Frozen Synapse and Frozen Cortex.


In the game, players get to control a team of robots dispatched to an alien planet with a mission to prepare it for the arrival of human colonists. The mechanical protégés need to be guided through different stages of colony development, starting from the Stone Age to the space conquest.


The PC release of The Colonists is a real-time strategy, which combines combat and economy elements – with a stronger emphasis on the latter. During the game, the player is tasked with e.g. building the colony’s infrastructure and roads, developing naval, railroad, and aerial transport systems, gathering resources, creating farms, harvesting crops, and also establishing diplomatic / trade relations with the encountered factions.

There is also combat, nonetheless, it is of smaller importance than the development of colony’s economy. The game provides the players with the tools to shape the terrain to fit their needs.

Game modes

The Colonists for PC offers both story campaign and the Free Play mode, in which the player can develop the colony without any boundaries or time limits. There are also several multiplayer modes that allow players to cooperate or compete against each other.

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