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About The Good Life


The Good Life is an unusual crime story role-playing game for PC. It is a debut title of the studio White Owls, founded by Hidetaka Suehiro (Deadly Premonition, D4).


The Good Life takes place in Rainy Woods, a fictional, self-called “happiest place on Earth”. Naomi, a reporter from New York, comes there in order to find a way to pay her debts. However, soon paying the debts becomes less important as Naomi finds a corpse of a young woman and discovers that she can’t leave the city. She decides to discover who the killer is and to reveal the mystery of Rainy Woods. A part of the latter is quickly revealed – after the sun sets the inhabitants of the city transform into cats and after returning to human form they don’t remember what happened during the night. Naomi also gains this ability – this will prove to be of key importance in solving the mystery of Rainy Woods.


The Good Life for PC has similar tune to the previous game of Hidetaki Suehiro, Deadly Premonition. The player travels through a city inhabited by unusual people who have their own day and night activities. At the same time the game differs from the first game of Suehiro as it combines RPG features with a crime story and drama. The game is divided into two parts: during the day the player controls a human and interacts with NPCs and during the night he transforms into a cat, gaining access to previously unavailable paths.

Technical aspects

The Good Life features two-dimensional graphics and cartoon-like, slightly angular style.

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