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About The Last Crown: Blackenrock


The Last Crown: Blackenrock is another installment of the original adventure game series for PC about the so-called ghost hunters, as paranormal investigators are often referred to. It was developed by the independent Darkling Room, the creators of the critically acclaimed trilogy entitled Dark Fall. The production is a kind of spin-off of the series which initially was supposed to be a trilogy, as well. However, during the development of the third installment, the franchise’s creator, Jonathan Boakes, decided to expand on the mystery from the original game which hadn’t been completely solved.


Plot-wise, Blackenrock is a sort of an interquel to the first two installments of the series which continues the events that began in 2008’s The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure. Nigel Danvers, the protagonist of the title’s predecessors, is haunted by disturbing visions. He clearly senses somebody’s presence and hears voices that say a mysterious name: “Blackenrock”. To investigate the nature of these visions, he joins forces with Lucy Reubans and goes back to the seaside town of Saxton, armed with modernized “ghosthunting” gadgets to discover the carefully hidden secrets of that place. However, the clues lead him to the bleak, rocky coast, far away from the safe center of Saxton.


As far as mechanics are concerned, The Last Crown: Blackenrock for PC is a faithful continuation of its predecessors, offering classical point ‘n’ click gameplay shown in third- or first-person perspective. The unique graphics, which are almost completely black-and-white, also remained unchanged, the only exception being important objects, places, or events which are marked with colors. The only new element in the game are the aforementioned modernized gadgets that let the protagonists investigate various paranormal activities and come into contact with ghosts.

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