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About The Sentient


The Sentient PC is an indie RPG, in which you play as an Artificial Intelligence. The game was created by Uncaged Studios and it is their first big project. The title was initially released in Steam Early Access, where its developers collaborated with the community of players in order to provide the best experience possible.


As you play, your main task involves helping the humanity in exploration of space. To do this you are sent onto a space station, called The Ark, which is your base of operations. This is where you hire and train new astronauts, equip your spacecraft with necessary instrumentation and design its interior, as well as conduct research in order to improve the technology at hand. Next, you set off on a mission, the success of which depends on the actions you took on The Ark. However, nothing is ever 100% sure, as the world of The Sentient is randomly generated. Therefore, on one journey you may come across a space anomaly, while on another encounter hostile alien race forcing you to fight. Each time you return from a mission you get experience and knowledge, which creates new possibilities.

An important gameplay feature is permadeath of your crew members. A person who dies during a mission is gone forever, so you should be careful not to lose an experienced and useful employee.

On the other hand, The Sentient has one rule – the bigger risk you take, the better reward you may get. This means that flying far off from The Ark may get you more precious data. However, if your ship gets destroyed on the way, you lose everything.

Technical aspects

The Sentient PC has 2D pixel-art stylistics. The title is clearly styled on 8- and 16-bit console games.

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