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About TimeSplitters 4


Timesplitters 4 is awaited by fans, the fourth game of the cycle of humorous action FPP games. The project was developed by Free Radical Design. Financial problems of the developer, however, which after the acquisition by the Crytek company was renamed to Crytek UK, prevented the completion of the project.

According to the plans of the creators for the game, Timesplitters 4 would be a continuation of the events shown in the previous installments. The players could get to know the following fate of Cortez, the future soldier who had tried to stop the eponymous alien race from interfering with history that may lead to the destruction of humanity.

As in previous installments in the cycle, the gameplay mechanics was to combine elements of action games and first-person shooters (FPS). The developers also intended to reach for an unconventional multiplayer mode of Timesplitters: Future Perfect, which would then be supplemented by several new variants.

In the technical part, the creators of Timesplitters 4 wanted to take advantage of the potential of the modern CryEngine which offers high-quality visuals and the ability of easily porting to most popular hardware platforms.

Note: The work on the original design of Timesplitters 4 was suspended in 2008. Owner of the brand, the Crytek company, does not rule out the possibility of resurrecting the series at an unspecified time.

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