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About Tree of Life


Tree of Life for PC is the first game developed by the Korean studio OddOneGames. Tree of Life is a survival MMO, a type of game that got very popular in recent years thanks to DayZ, H1Z1, Rust, or Nether. Despite being set in a fantasy world, the game in question has the same simple rules as others of the genre – our only goal is to survive. In order to do so, we have to hunt for food and gather resources to build bases and fortresses that will keep us safe against other players or A.I. controlled monsters. It is a Buy2Play game, meaning that we buy it to play it and won’t have to pay for any sort of subscription.


Each character in Tree of Life for PC is characterized by four stats: strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence. Their values can vary when under the influence of various modifires. Each hero available has their own unique combination of combat, gathering, crafting, and special abilities. The game lacks any sort of class division among characters; the players simply create their own proffesions. Heroes whose abilities complement each other can create communities and share their survival activities. For example, a player that specializes in blacksmithing can support their guild with nails, and the other one, who is a skilled lumber, provides wood. These two, however, are not enough to build a building. They need a third player who can combine the resources provided by them. We can fortify our structures with walls in order to defend them against other players and monsters like goblins, kobolds, or giants.

Developers decided not to include dungeons, raids, and quests known from other MMO games in Tree of Life. Instead, interaction between the players was their main focus. Players can create guilds, trade, or attack each other. Attackers, however, have to keep in mind that a bounty can be put on their head by their victim.

Tree of Life for PC has an open world where players can build their bases almost wherever they want to. The world itself is divided into bioms like deserts, swamps, wastelands, and snowy and volcanic areas. The game has a day/night cycle and changes the time of day every ten minutes.

Technical Aspects

What makes Tree of Life for PC stand out among other survival MMO games are its colourful, almost cartoonish visuals.

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