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TSIOQUE published on PC is a classic, 2D point-and-click adventure, inspired by such titles as Dragon’s Lair and the Pajama Sam series. The game is developed by a Polish OhNoo Studio responsible for games like Tormentum: Dark Sorrow and Amelia and Terror of the Night. Alek Wasilewski – a famous animator awarded for his short science-fiction film Lucky Day Forever – also worked on the game.


You take control of a young girl named Tsioque, who is imprisoned by the Evil Wizard in a huge and grim castle that belongs to her ancestors. Once a powerful spell is cast on it, it is no more her home, but a dangerous, deadly trap, from which she needs to escape as soon as possible. Now the race against the clock begins – Tsioque has to stop the antagonist before his spells become too powerful and get out of his hand.


Mechanically this is a gloomy and at the same time full of humour adventure game, in which elements of the genre, like exploration and puzzle-solving, are combined with numerous arcade aspects. During gameplay you constantly travel through lively and changing environment, in which you can interact with almost every character and environment element. TSIOQUE is full of situations, in which a confrontation with an evil imp or a bad choice leads to the heroine’s death. However, the game is balanced so as to cater for tastes of both young players and more experienced ones.

Technical aspects

TSIOQUE for PC features beautiful, hand-drawn visuals full of details and animations. The game includes dubbing and an orchestral soundtrack by Edward Harrison, which dynamically reacts to the player’s actions. Even though set in fantasy realities, the deep and multithreaded plot, which can surprise you with twists and numerous references to the culture, surely deserves recognition.

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