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About Two Point Hospital


Two Point Hospital is an economic strategy game with simulation features. The title was developed by Two Point Studios founded by the ex-members of Bullfrog Productions. The title was inspired by the cult classic Theme Hospital and it was released on PC.


Two Point Hospital for PC takes the players to a fictional city Two Point County (inspired by Springfield from The Simpsons TV series). The citizens of that city suffer from various diseases. The players assume the role of the head of a hospital and are tasked with helping the ones that need it… and with expanding the hospital business.


The action in the PC version of Two Point Hospital is presented with an isometric perspective. The main task in the game is to take patients and provide them with good conditions in the facility. The healing itself isn’t enough – the patients need some entertainment and food as well. By providing all of these, the players can make the patients leave the hospital happy and recommend the facility to their friends. This will increase both the number of visits and earned money.

Generating profits is important as it provides access to modern diagnostic and surgery equipment, to signing contracts with better specialists (each of which has specific requirements), to sending doctors to training (that improves their skills) and to expand the hospital and later in the game to construct more facilities. The money can also fund research of innovative healing methods that enable defeating challenging and increasingly bizarre diseases.

Game modes

Although singleplayer mode is the pillar of Two Point Hospital for PC, the game also features multiplayer modes.

Technical aspects

The PC version of Two Point Hospital is powered by Unity technology. The developers decided to use light, cartoonish graphics style. It fits well with the humoristic approach to disease healing – for example, one of the diseases is a transformation of the patient’s head into a giant bulb.

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