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About Univoyager


NovaVoyager is a space simulator with sandbox gameplay structure for iOS, PC and AND. The project was developed practically single-handedly by Damiano Vitulli.


The game is set in a distant future, in times when humanity colonized countless alien star systems. The plot does not play any significant role in the fun, though, because NovaVoyager puts emphasis on sandbox freedom. Starting out, we receive our first ship and then do what we please. We decide whether we want to become a mercenary, a pirate, a space merchant, a pioneer, a miner, or even to combine some or all of these to create our own career path.

The above takes place in a galaxy recreated to the 1:1 scale on the basis of authentic astronomical data. The universe is densely filled with colonies and space bases, both of which offer a slew of quests to perform and numerous business opportunities for enterprising merchants. Meanwhile, advanced artificial intelligence modules make sure that the world teems with life.

The game puts emphasis on realism. The gameplay is governed by a powerful physics engine that faithfully recreates our ship’s behavior in space void as well as the influence of other gravitational objects on its flight. The players can control the from inside the cockpit or choose the camera that shows the entire vessel. Also, the controls system is very extensive and lets us manipulate numerous onboard systems.

Technical aspects

NovaVoyager for iOS, PC and AND is powered by an impressive graphics engine. It allows seamless transition between cosmic void and planets’ atmospheres with no loading screens. Many missions are performed while flying over a given world’s surface where our ship behaves completely different. The same technology allowed procedural generation of all celestial objects on the basis of actual astronomical data.

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