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About Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament for PC is an online FPS game, continuing the tradition of the classic series which was launched back in 1999. The production was developed by studio Epic Games and is available for free, requiring no micro-payments.

The story takes place in the distant future, where mankind has invented technology allowing for interstellar travel, colonized countless planetary systems and come into contact with alien races. In the typical multiplayer fashion, Unreal Tournament has a rather simple storyline that is just an excuse for combat with other players.

The game remains true to the traditions of the series. We therefore get a first-person shooter focused exclusively on multiplayer, where we fight with other players on large arenas. The game is very fast and requires excellent reflexes. The authors prepared an extensive set of various game modes, including both classics like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag as well as some more original gameplay variations.

An interesting part of the project is its business model. Unreal Tournament, which was released for PC, is completely free and requires no micro-payments. Fans have access to powerful modding tools, allowing them to change almost every element of the game. They can also sell their creations, and Epic Games collects interest on such transactions, profiting on the entire venture. Of course, nothing prevents us from sharing our mods free of charge.

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