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About Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians


Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians for PC, AND and etc. is tactical turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world. The game has been developed by Playdek led by Yasumi Matsuno – a Japanese creator who has played a key role in the development of such classic games as Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story.


The action of the game takes place in a fantastical world called Rasfalia, which is torn by wars. The campaign tells us the story of the 70-years-long war, the direction of which has been set by the long forgotten warriors. A player assumes the role of one of those warriors. The campaign is divided into two separate chapters, each one presenting a story of a different character. Some tales show only a year from a hero’s life, while others depict even decades. Because of this approach, players can observe the conflict from multiple perspectives as well as learn the course of events and the stories of people participating in it.


As befits a true tactical RPG, the gameplay revolves around turn-based battles, which are waged on 3D maps – the lay of the land has a significant impact on the results of all the skirmishes. Characters are divided into several professions, each one comprising a number of diverse classes – it is crucial for a player to properly choose his character for every single chapter. Each character features a unique set of skills enabling him to play a particular role on the battlefield. The game delivers also a character development system – all the heroes who survive a battle gain experience and grow stronger.

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