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About VRChat


VRChat released on PC is a free-to-play multiplayer production for VR devices. The title was developed by VRChat Inc.


VRChat utilises the first-person perspective. During gameplay, you take control of a pre-defined avatar or create your own with the tools delivered by the developers. The main feature consists in chatting with other players, which can be even more fun, as you can take walks together and make gestures. Moreover, the game has a lipsync system implemented, so your avatar’s lips imitate movements of your real ones. Also, the game allows you to take pictures – both regular and 3D.

And there is more – the players can not only visit the game’s original world, but also invent their own locations and share them with others. The title allows the users to create events, like the Gunter’s Universe talk show, musical performances, or acting lessons. Moreover, nothing stops you from creating minigames or enjoying those crafted by the developer – among many others, there is bowling, futuristic Battle Discs, and a shooter based on Capture the Flag rules. The game can also test your singing skills in VR Karaoke, or let you imagination run wild in Sculpt Studio. The list of activities includes watching together videos on YouTube.

Technical aspects

Published on PC, VRChat features 3D, colourful visuals. The title requires a VR headset, and supports dedicated motion controllers. Still, it is possible to play with a controller or a mouse and a keyboard.

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