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VTOL VR for PC is a flight simulation game by indie studio Boundless Dynamics. The game requires VR gear and motion controllers to run.


VTOL VR is set in the near future. You play as the pilot of the eponymous VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, also known as AV-42C. You have to complete various missions, including transporting ground units (which requires landing first), escorting and protecting other planes (e.g. during refueling), and fighting enemies. Combat may take place in the air or involve bombing ground facilities.

The game utilizes the first person’s perspective, and you can freely look around your cabin by moving your head. You move your the pilot’s hands by using motion controllers to use the throttle, levers, and switches in the cockpit, and even to catapult yourself if your aircraft gets badly damaged.

Technical aspects

The 3D visuals of VTOL VR are average in quality, but while the surroundings and other planes are far from impressive, the cockpit of the VTOL aircraft is very detailed.

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