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About Warhold


Warhold for PC is a multiplayer game with strategy elements. This is a debut project by a Russian independent studio InQuake Softworks. The implemented PvP model is similar to that in League of Legends and Dota 2.


Warhold takes you to the world embedded in a dark fantasy atmosphere. As the ruler of a sovereign city-state, you need to face enemies in battle for influence and resources.


The title is divided into two major parts. The first one concentrates on fights taking place inside arenas in which 8-20 players can engage in three different game modes: Death Match, Team Fight, and Capture the Flag. At the beginning, you decide which profession your avatar will assume – a Marauder, Sniper, Reaper, and Battle Priest – and then, by fighting and winning matches, you develop the avatar’s skills and thus make it more powerful.

The second part that distinguishes Warhold from other multiplayer action productions – including different variations of the popular MOBA games – is the development of the city-state which the hero rules and protects. Your job is to exploit resources, expand the metropolis, and keep your residents happy. There are three types of resources that are vital for erecting key buildings and weapons production: wood, iron, and stone. You can build e.g. a palace, a warehouse, a quarry, barracks, and more. Each of these buildings enlarges the city’s production capabilities, which makes fighting other players easier.

Warhold features mechanics that allow players to form clans and work together for common objectives, like gaining access to resources.

Technical aspects

Warhold released on PC utilises Unreal Engine 4 – the 3D graphics focus on details of characters and environment.

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