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About World War Toons


World War Toons for PC and PS4 is a co-op-oriented FPS game developed by Reload, a studio founded by the former members of Infinity Ward – the studio which brought the Call of Duty franchise about.


The game does not feature a singleplayer campaign, instead focusing on online battles fought by two teams: the Allies and the Axis Powers. World War Toons utilizes a first person view, and the gameplay is similar to other classic FPS games. At the same time, the game emphasized controlling tanks. The game is largely humorous and not quite accurate in historical terms.

World War Toons features several character classes, e.g. standard infantry soldiers, officers, snipers and the so-called heavies, armed with hand cannons. Your choice of class is not binding, as you can change it during the game by finding the right weapons left by players who had been defeated.

Technical aspects

World War Toons for PC and PS4 utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, and its visuals are very detailed and attractive. At the same time, graphic style is strongly cartoonish. The game also features full VR support.

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